manzano  /mæn-zæ-no/  n:  Spanish word meaning apple tree. In many cultures and religions, the apple tree is a source of life and of knowledge. Manzano Nutrition Consultants aim to improve your quality of life by providing you with knowledge on a balanced diet and lifestyle.
Manzano Nutrition Consultants work side by side with their clients to provide the most personalized nutrition and exercise plan to help their clients realize their health goals. Manzano does not encourage rapid weight loss or current fad-diets. Our registered dietitians are trained to counsel on portion control, healthy food choices and the appreciation of the organoleptic properties of food.
Manzano believes that eating should be a pleasurable experience and that those aiming to lose weight, should not deprive themselves of the pleasure of eating.
It is Manzano’s mission to create awareness of the importance of good nutrition and physical activity in attaining and/or maintaining a healthy body weight and composition.
Manzano strives to promote healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle by providing the most accurate nutrition information, based on the most up-to-date studies and literature reviews.
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