About Our Founder
Florence Sydney has always had a fond appreciation for life and for food; therefore becoming a dietitian was an easy decision for her. For almost a decade, Florence has been promoting a balanced lifestyle through her work in the clinical and community settings.
Shortly after graduating with honours from McGill University, Florence became one of the founding members of the Healthy Lunchbox Programme, an extracurricular programme offered to underprivileged children in schools under the Montreal School Board. This programme’s mission is to teach children aged 10-12 years how to prepare healthy lunches using simple ingredients, and to introduce children to foods from different countries. The Healthy Lunchbox Programme has been a great success in the Montreal area since its beginning in 2003 and is now offered in 5 elementary schools.
Before founding Manzano Nutrition Consultants, Florence worked as a clinical dietitian at Hôpital Notre Dame, one of the University of Montréal’s teaching hospitals, where she specialized in dysphagia and enteral feeding after neurological surgery and supervised interns in dietetics. She also worked at the community-based clinic, CSSS-Cavendish, where she specialized in high-risk pregnancies and early infant nutrition.
Florence has also given many conferences on various nutrition topics and is comfortable speaking in front of audiences both large and small. Conferences given by Florence are adapted to the audience. She has experience speaking in front of doctors, dietitians, nurses, students, teachers, daycare workers, and personal trainers.