Manzano Nutrition Consultants provide the following services for large companies:
  • Menu standardization;
  • Menu revision;
  • Healthy menu development;
  • Labeling and nutrition analysis;
  • Nutrition kiosks;
  • Healthy cooking classes;
We have worked with the following industries:
  • Airline companies;
  • Daycares;
  • Schools;
  • Mom and Baby Yoga groups;
  • Sports teams;
  • Restaurants.
We also have Lunch-and-Learn conferences, to help promote workplace wellness. Inquire about our talks on:
  • Lowering your cardiac risk through diet
  • The healthy lunch box;
  • Healthy meals and healthy snacks
  • Introduction of solid foods for baby
  • Feeding your toddler
  • Eating for a healthy pregnancy
  • Reading nutrition labels
  • The pleasure of food (organoleptic evaluation)
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • The truth about fad diets
  • Eating disorders